Happy end

We expected an easy day. No hills, no rain, 140 km, no big deal, right? Well, we were wrong. After an early start in the dawn mist, the wind grew stronger, and soon it felt like climbing uphill again. We crossed a lake on a causeway and a bridge, bracing against the wind but enjoying the sunshine – so similar to our night bridge crossing in Denmark, yet so different! We stopped for breakfast, catching paper wrappers to stop them from being blown away. We climbed up the side of the Devin hill (not the same as the Devin in Slovakia) and saw the first limestone outcrop in a week. And still the wind blew, straight in our face. First we hoped it would go away. Then we slowed down, grinding the meters again. Then we figured out we would not catch the last train home from Mosonmagyaróvár.
We crossed the border to Austria, then to Slovakia, but the wind kept blowing. We contemplated giving up in Bratislava, or splitting up to make sure at least I arrive home at a reasonable time. But we didn’t like either option, so we had to push through. It was difficult for me with the little bike, but really challenging for Szoki. He rode like a superhero, visibility vest flapping in the wind, gripping his handlebars, our cargo on the bike spread out in front of him like a magic carpet. I was a bit ahead, so I popped in to a petrol station to buy sandwiches and kofola, whicj we gobbles up in five minutes. Later, some 30 km before Bratislava, when I thought he is far behing me, he suddenly overtook me. I gathered some speed and hung in his wind shadow, and we made it to Bratislava.
Bratislava is built on hills, so we had a climb and the wind. We stopped at a supermarket to grab more food, then followed the main road across the city. At a really steep part, we found a bike path, but it turned into broken concrete full of potholes, and ended with stairs. We carried the bikes down. After cruising through the pedestrian zone, we found ourselves on a bridge across the Danube. Yes, here we were, from Copenhagen, with a cargo bike, crossing the Danube.
Here we did some calculations again, to make sure the last train from Mosonmagyaróvár could be reached. It seemed sure, even if we could only make 10 km in an hour. We found the bike track along the Danube river, and took turns leading and following. Here we really gave all we could, the bikes moved faster than ever before on the trip (save for the downhill rides, of course), but we were both high on speed and adrenaline, and we really wanted to catch the train. The wind still blew against us, but it didn’t matter any more.
And then we crossed the border to Hungary, between Cunovo and Rajka – the final border of our trip! This means we actually succeeded in bringing the Bullitt back to Hungary! We kept up the terrific speed, but stopped to take photos of the rising full moon. Mosonmagyaróvár was empty but beautiful, a friend came to meet us on the station, and we arrived nearly an hour before the train. We successfully bought the tickets, including the place reservation for the cargo bike (the birdy does not need that). And then the train arrived, and after some pushing and pulling, the Bullitt was on board. It is nearly as long as the width of the train. We had a light dinner in the dining car, and now we are about to arrive to Budapest.

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